Impact Family Services - child contact centre, Scarborough
Impact Family Services in Scarborough helps to keep children in touch with both parents after separation.  

We offer the following services: 

Family Support Work: if you are separating and are worried and confused about which way to turn, give us a call and see if we can help.  We can give you information on child contact issues, conflict, family mediation, DNA testing, drug/alcohol abuse testing, the application process for the family court, and many other things you may be worrying about. 

Family mediation: is an alternative way of resolving issues surrounding separation.  Our family mediators help separated couples to find their own positive solutions to issues such as child contact arrangements.  This process can minimise potential conflict and offer a quicker and more cost effective alternative to court proceedings.

Supported child contact offers a safe and friendly neutral venue where children of separated families can spend time with the parent they don’t live with and sometimes other family members. Our fabulous contact room is full of toys, games books and crafts to keep children of all ages entertained. Sessions run for up to two hours, usually with more than one family in the centre. Staff members are on hand to oversee the sessions and offer support and guidance where appropriate; however supported contact is not closely monitored and written reports or written feedback are not given.

Supervised child contact: ensures the physical safety and emotional well-being of a child when risks have been identified. It also assists in building and sustaining positive relationships between a child and the parent they don’t live with. Impact Family Services provides privacy and confidentiality to each family and is structured to provide safety to all concerned and maximum stimulation for children.  Written feedback of each session is provided.

If you need help to reduce the conflict between you and your ex-partner or to sort out child contact arrangements then give us a call and let us see if we can help you.

2 Pavilion Square, Scarborough,YO11 2JN 
Tel: 01723 377388

Follow this link to complete a Parenting Plan 

We are affiliated to the National Association of Child Contact Centres and work in partnership with CAFCASS.

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